727 ACRES ACQUIRED IN 2001                    OPEN SUNRISE TO SUNSET

200 acres planted in native warm-season grasses
250 acres of upland forest
130 acres of pristine tidal marsh almost completely free of Phragmites australis
Frontage on Mt. Landing Creek
Buffered with a planting of native Eastern hardwoods
Deep ravines
Grasslands being successfully managed for certain birds: Grasshopper sparrow, Northern Bobwhite and other ground nesters


2.7 miles of road with 3 parking areas
1.5 miles of accessible wildlife observation trails
2 restrooms
Canoe/kayak launch and fishing pier
Interpretive signs
Wayside exhibits
Environmental Education Pavilion 
Informational kiosks with maps and brochures
Robert Taylor Observation Deck
Robert "Bobby" Hutchinson Memorial Observation Deck


Wildflower garden
Perennial stream under elevated walkway in mid-story region of deciduous forest
Scenic memorial overlook
Interpretive water trail on Mt. Landing Creek with accompanying waterproof brochures


A group of volunteers meets on designated dates to maintain trails, sweep the elevated walkways, canoe launch, and fishing pier, clean the restrooms, and perform light maintenance.

A second group of volunteers routinely mows the grounds and performs heavier maintenance. 

Other volunteer opportunities include outreach and invasive plant management.


Hutchinson is located approximately a half mile north of Tappahannock. The address is 19180 Tidewater Trail, Tappahannock, VA 22560.